Summer is inseparable from these 4 kinds of building method, master details more elegant age reduction

Perhaps many people think that good clothing depends on economic ability to support, only in the economy is very rich, women can wear advanced elegance.


Perhaps many people think that good clothing depends on economic ability to support, only in the economy is very rich, women can wear advanced elegance. Actually otherwise, the garment is tasted the value that cannot rely on place to wear sheet to taste will measure, see detail processing however.

Looking at the clothes worn by many bloggers, we can see that they are basically using a common summer combination, and the clothes are also worn by a few people, but the details enhance the sense of refinement, which makes them stand out. This time, I will share with you the matching demonstration of the blogger Veela. Women, no matter they have money or not, can not do without these four matching methods in summer. Grasping the details will make them more elegant and reduce their age.

1. Shirt/vest + half skirt

Shirt or vest + half skirt can be called summer one of the most practical and elegant build a law, besides can have the aid of half skirt will promote lightsome feeling outside, this kind of build a law on the vision very clear also, the slightest is not trivially.

However, there are three details that we need to start with in order to wear a shirt/vest + half skirt. First, when choosing shirts and vests, women had better give priority to styles with overlay of careful machine design, or use fashionable colors to age.

Such as V-neck short sleeve shirt, baby neck bubble sleeve shirt or French court style V-neck shirt, used to match small flower high waist half skirt, elegant and lazy French atmosphere full.

And on the color department, look like goose yellow, milk yellow, pink purple or avocado green jacket, besides show skin color white, still can build a romantic and nifty summer atmosphere feeling, make a person bright at the moment.

Second, when wearing a half skirt, women can use slits, fish tails or floral elements to enhance the sense of detail.

The third is the color matching of shirt, vest and half skirt. The more harmonious the color matching of jacket and lower outfit is, the more it can improve the level of dressing. On the contrary, if the color matching is abrupt and grandiose, it is difficult to wear a sense of elegance even if it is the most advanced material.

Like milk yellow + white, pink purple + milk tea color, matching color is very unique.

Suit/Shirt + Jeans

Jeans are an affordable and versatile item that can be worn with a few pairs of hands in summer. They are a common addition to a suit or shirt.

When jeans are used with a suit, women should choose the trouser shape of the jeans according to the shape of the legs and the shape of the suit.

If you are a small woman with slim legs and are using it with an oversize suit, a pair of small, straight leg jeans is recommended to create an "upside-down" look that is structured without weighing on your figure.

When pairing jeans with a shirt for the summer, women can opt for a layered top, such as a floral blouse with a petal neck, a baby neck or a one-shouldered cropped waist.

Summer is worn so, already nifty and sweet, build a romantic French breath again, take a pair of gules Mary Jane shoes, girl feels full marks.

3. Shirt + shorts

Shirt + shorts also is one of the tie-in programs with the highest rate of summer appearance, and shorts can show leg lines, already cool, and show leg long.

If you don't want to get bogged down in mediocrity with this look, then a white puffed sleeve blouse is recommended first.

Summertime makes tie-in simply with knickers of black carry belt, the nifty, literature and art that belongs to small female and modern nature reveal come out.

In addition, the female still can wear an article on the shirt law, if use open type to wear a law, need to fold to wear short waist only inside build, can show a fine small pretty waist easily, develop figure advantage to acme.

Go out to take a pair of color to FASTen sports shoes, it is the fashionable essence that clothes taste and temperament are online is right.

4. Dress + sandals/sandals

How can we mention elegance, aging and fashion without mentioning dresses? As summer leading role, believe it won't be little in every female almirah.

When summer is matched with the dress when cool drag or sandal, the female should notice skirt outfit design to choose above all, use the skirt outfit with delicate detail more, be like bubble sleeve dress, V collar wrap body skirt, also perhaps superposition the skirt outfit design that auricular edge, petal gets.

These details look like inconspicuous, the element that can promote skirt outfit and window however.

Second, don't forget to use accessories to enhance the sense of refinement, such as straw hat, straw bag or silk scarf, used to decorate the dress, often can create a romantic and elegant French style, easy but very advanced.

Above is the summer that shares for everybody this 4 kinds of common build a law, no matter the woman is rich do not have money, when summer is worn to use plan of these 4 kinds of tie-in, might as well have the help of these details to promote clothing to taste!Read more at:formal dress au | short cocktail dresses



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