The Yak Track of count Yakula continues

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We've still got some slices of that massive Anniversary Cake, although it's been a few years now. So many, in fact, that we're giving them away!, when you log runescape 2007 gold in on January 1st, then you'll receive your own Anniversary Cake. The use-by date is January 7th, however, so eat it! Hopefully this is the year. Near the end of this month you may anticipate our Year Ahead roundup, which will cover a number of the material coming from 2020. You will find out more about the Elder God Wars Dungeon and Archaeology, and we have also managed to squeeze in a couple of new items you have not heard about yet.

Are you prepared for RuneScape's newest ability? No? You'd better keep an eye out to Archaeology videos, that will begin rolling out at the New Year on January 3rd, 10th, and 17th for the path. Hang out in their archaeological dig with Mod Timbo and Mod Osborne, where they'll be talking what you can expect from Archaeology, assisting you to prepare ahead of time, and giving you a tour of a few of the most popular dig websites of Gielinor. Not enough Archaeology for you? Never fear -- the Archaeology Journal will arrive some time this month. This time, Tony's becoming excited about called Warforge!

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The Yak Track of count Yakula continues! Which cheap rs3 gold goodies have you unlocked up to now? The Yak Track is available, and there are plenty of very generous rewards available free to everyone. But, Premier Pass owners get lots prizes, including also the ominous Raven outfit, the Doll furry friend of the Witch, and the Abyssal Prowler furry friend. You are able to snap up Premier Club membership at any time throughout the event to receive the Premier Pass - that will unlock some of these Premium track items you won on your travels. If you don't want to join the Premier Club It is also possible to grab Premier Pass with Bonds.