Vitamin cure for your Linkedin profile

First of all, Linkedin is itself a search engine and has a huge reputation on Google and other major search engines. Only that reason is already a reason to be present since if you only Google your name and have a profile on Linkedin, you will see that you appear on the first pages of the results. Take the test and you will realize the weight that Linkedin has for Google.

Here are four main points that helped me give the real value that this social network has.

Linkedin Guide 1. Promote the content of your blog

It is also possible to import your WordPress blog feed to your Linkedin profile, searching for the corresponding application in that program. This becomes a quick and easy way for others to take a look at your blog content in a minute.

If you don't use WordPress (wretched!), You can also use Blog Link. This application supports TypePad, Movable Type, Vox,,, Blogger, LiveJournal, and several others.

We all know well that blogs are the best way to cultivate your brand, be it personal or your project. With this, you can automate the dissemination of your posts on Linkedin.

You can have some similarities in your blog and profile like writing your name or brand so that people can connect with you. To make it possible you can use a fancy font generator website. It creates third-party fonts normally not found on LinkedIn. 

Linkedin Guide 2. Organize events

I love this Linkedin tool that allows you to advertise events. It is not even necessary that you be the coordinator of that event to be able to upload it to the Linkedin agenda. An event can be created only with the basic information and the interest to spread it. You can even send invitations through your Linkedin network, taking advantage of the attendance confirmation utility. And you can also quickly view all the events of your contacts.

Linkedin Guide 3. Get recommendations to attract more customers

If there is something that differentiates Linkedin from the rest of the social networks, it is the recommendations, something really unique. And I can't think of a better way to promote your business than by asking your clients and your colleagues to share their opinion of you with others.

You may be wondering how to get them. Simple: first give, then receive. Write good recommendations from your peers, and soon you will receive better from them. Some time should be spent on this.

To give credibility and convince, third-party recommendations are very very important. With Linkedin, you have an inexhaustible source of testimonies from recognized people (experts in your field, managers, etc.) who can support your project and establish you as one of the opinion leaders in your sector.

Linkedin Guide 4. Connect your Twitter account to your Linkedin profile

Your tweets appear on your profile, and you can tweet from LinkedIn. There are a couple of widgets that let you know what is being said about you on Twitter. Why does it? Because you provide relevant content to your profile, useful for your search engine positioning, and also because you send highly qualified traffic to your Twitter account, and if they like what they see when they land on your profile, they will become your followers.