Research Paper Topics: 50 Ideas to Get Started

History is quite a rough and boring topic, and usually, students find it difficult to study, and when it comes to writing history papers it is even more difficult. To make your hardships a little less this article is prepared. This article contains all the topics that revolve around my mind while I write my essay for the assigned tasks. The topics that will be provided in this article will be based on historic events that hold immense importance. These will be wars and movements that cause the world to change. The topic guideline is formulated in a way to cater for all the events in a chronological order.  

These topics will help you in writing a good research essay. They are all concrete topics that have a lot of historical and eventful evidence that can back up the essay. One can easily write on these topics. Furthermore, this article does not only contain topics, but also a few tips to write one.

Before we move towards a list of all the topics. Let us have a look at a few writing tips for an essay writer. These tips are gathered from professional writers who have prior experience in writing history essays/papers.

The foremost tip is the selection of an appropriate topic that is neither too vast nor too narrow. The topic should have a lot of evidence that is available on google scholar and other sites of journal publications. This is the most critical step, and it must be done with utmost care. After the selection of the topic, the writer should start the research on the topic. While researching making notes should be a must, it will help the writer to make claims. While researching the writer should have the main outline in mind so that the essay is organized accordingly. After completion of research, the next step is the first draft of the essay. You are halfway done with your essay after this step.

The next step involves writing techniques that include proofreading, checking the credibility of sources, coherence of the text, and proper management of all the statements in the essay. The essay should have all the necessary elements that include topic sentences or claims, premise, evidence from journal articles, and reflecting the whole paragraph. This layout must be followed while writing an article as it will help the writer to remain attentive and never miss out on any details.

There is a format to be followed in these essays as well. These formats include APA, Chicago, MLA, AMA, and Harvard. Each of them has distinct features that allow researchers to segregate them. Nonetheless, the purpose of all of them is the same, that is to format the document and make your essay look presentable.

Thus, all the above discussion is about tips to essay writer write a history essay. Now without wasting much time, let's move towards the list of topics that are helpful to history students.

  1. The history of Egyptian mummies.
  2. Assyria to Byzantium- a history of power and rulership.
  3. Role of women in old Britain.
  4. A sneak peek at the iron age.
  5. Chernobyl Incident.
  6. The insight of 9/11.
  7. Reasons for social inequality.
  8. US role in Afghanistan.
  9. Syrian Conflict.
  10. The transition towards the modern world.
  11. History of Palestine.
  12. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
  13. The legacy of the Civil War.
  14. Controversies of Civil War.
  15. War of Crusades.
  16. Aftershocks of Cold war.
  17. Europe Nationalistic Trends.
  18. French Revolution.
  19. The catholic church.
  20. Protestants vs Catholics.
  21. Women in the 18th century.
  22. Role of Women in World War II.
  23. Role of Civilians in Battles.
  24. Best tips for taking help from essay writing service.
  25. History of African Americans.
  26. Life of Martin Luther King.
  27. History of United States.
  28. Vietnam war and its effects.
  29. Effect of Dictatorship.
  30. Russian Revolution.
  31. Causes of economic depression.
  32. The tragedy of Hiroshima Nagasaki.
  33. History of inventions.
  34. Mexican-American war.
  35. Effects of National Disasters.
  36. Insights of Spanish-American war.
  37. American civil war.
  38. Reasons for World War I.
  39. The progressive era of the USA.
  40. The Watergate scandal.
  41. Child labor in the 19th century.
  42. Beginning of Hollywood industry.
  43. Bill Clinton's new way towards the economy.
  44. The Mongol empire.
  45. The decline of the Qing Dynasty.
  46. The Persian Gulf war.
  47. The Korean War.
  48. Nelson Mandela- an activist.
  49. The inspiring life of Hellen Keller.
  50. The Great Wall of China.
  51. The rise of the Ottoman Empire.

While writing any of these if you face any issue then you can heed to the given details. If they do not help you anyway, then you can contact a essay writing service to help you out. They will guide you or even provide you with examples that will serve as a sample for you to write your own essay. Do not worry we have got you covered with all the assistance from services and a variety of blogs that can help you anytime you are troubled. 


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