RuneScape - Begin with friends who are good dangers

However I personally would do range since they're quite amazing with OSRS gold range xp, which is essentially massive meatsacks. There are also a lot of semi-safespots inside the slayer tower to pick them up from.

Since you'll be trying to safespot them (Getting them stuck in the walls, rubble piles and the like since they consume 2 squares) look for the top range equipment, including archer's helm/robin, finest dragonhide, snakeskin boots and ranger.

To use the weapon, choose a the magic shortbow or rune crossbow with the arrows and bolts you want. If you've already completed the Seergaze's Legacy and are looking for the fastest xp, take the cannon and pray gear to the tunnels near the altar of blood. Find the room with mutations, pray melee to start the cannon, then make sure auto retaliate has been turned on and go. The job will be complete shortly thereafter. It's quite a bit of money , however it's among the fastet task you'll get. Since they're equipped with a large amount of hitpoints, they're also among the best options for earning exp.

If you're a W67 player it is possible to be in teams when you've reached 100-105. I've not played in about three months, so a lot of this has probably changed. W67 is usually dominated by S/L now...

Begin with friends who are good dangers. With people i dung with I can average sub 15 minutes warps, even using 1-2 randoms of w67 - you may have to be part of a group such as 3b0 in the beginning but you should consider something like DGS with huge commitment to you will not get the most of it . You could be spending an hour or more to buy old school rs gold put together an application for a clan which makes you tie with baxes that are primal!