Microsoft Store appeared Fake Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Like many Nintendo series games, Animal Crossing isn't available on PC, which is unlikely to look.  However, a developer managed to obtain a fake version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Microsoft Store.
Nintendeals highlighted this list on April 30, warning people not to ever buy things that are not Animal Crossing or any form of official Nintendo game. Buy ACNH Bells on the professional Animal Crossing game trading service website ACBellsBuy.

At the time of writing, it's still rising 2 days later, and according to the store page, it is often there since March 23. The game uses the New Horizons cover and title, it looks like some sort of endless runners vying for animals to cross busy city streets, for example, Frogger, however, you know not.

What ought to be clear would be that the actual animal crossing doesn't involve any animals that have got to traverse anything. This is a completely unrelated game, charging $2.99, continues to be added to the Microsoft platform. We should buy Animal Crossing Bells on legal channels.

It is very like the 2014’s Crossy Road, a free game that's received mainstream attention. If nothing else, the developer HugoStudioLab highlighted potential blind spots from the Microsoft Store review.


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