An entire Season focused on music needs a headliner

Player Anthems are up next! Soon, you'll be able to tap into Rocket League's ever-growing soundtrack and play your favorite music in the Arena when you score a goal with this new customization option. There's a lot to talk about when it comes to new Player Anthems, so stay tuned for more info tomorrow.

An entire Season focused on music needs a headliner. That's why Season 2 will feature new music and content from hitmaker Kaskade. We teamed up with our long-standing partner and electronic music label, Monstercat, who have soundtracked Rocket League gameplay with memorable music and popular compilation albums over the last three years. Curating a lineup of releases that will enhance the Season 2 experience, we’re kicking it off with Kaskade, who's made an EP featuring songs created just for Rocket League! Be sure to check out the first song, "Flip Reset," with WILL K, in the Season 2 trailer above and on Monstercat, here. Be on the lookout for a second Kaskade song very soon. These two songs will also be available as Player Anthems this season, alongside some other surprises we have in store. Stay tuned for more music and content from Kaskade throughout Season 2! Until then, stream your favorite in-game tracks in our Rocket League x Monstercat Spotify playlist, here.

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