I believe that the roadmap isprobably a little less ambitious

We don't wish to comment on rumors or speculation. However, we're committed to Mut 22 coins continuing to enhance Franchise as a part of our ongoing Madden NFL 22 live service and beyond. This includes two upcoming Franchise updates we'll release to players in Madden NFL 22. We'll be providing more information on the changes in the coming year.

The announcement follows an article by Sports Gamers Online that EA has decided to stop any further franchise mode updates for Madden 22. The report cited IGN's discussion with Madden 22 executive producer Seann Graddy. The executive producer declared that this year's content roadmap is "slightly more modest than previous years in the past" because the team is focused on a few key areas rather than trying to develop features on the level of Superstar KO, a well-received arcade mode released in Madden 20.

"I believe that the roadmap isprobably a little less ambitious than years past because we're really focusing on a few segments of Madden 22 and also getting into Madden 23 in a big way," Graddy said at the time. "So I'm sticking to what we've always stated over in the past couple of years"We're a live-streaming service and we'll continue to improve this game. However, we're definitely not going to be talking about a completely new mode."

In a statement that was released today, EA Sports told IGN:

The report was a source of attention in part because franchise mode is a thorny issue for some Madden players. In fact, the roadmap was initially a response to the campaign #fixmaddenfranchise that was circulating on Twitter in mid-2020, which was initiated following reports that EA wasn't planning improvements to mmoexp madden 22 coins franchise mode in that year.