Another World Cup hasn't been announced

It's up in the air as to how long the United States will be the tournament's defending champions. Another World Cup hasn't been announced, but it doesn't seem like something that will follow soccer's schedule of once every four years. Common consensus around this event appears to be that the production value was very good but that the "best of one" format should be extended to longer series. One game of Rocket League is an awfully small sample size that lends itself to all sorts of aberrations.But for now, the United States can call itself the best in the world at Rocket League. Even if that isn't how the official Rocket League Championship Series LANs have played out for the last few seasons.

It could have all been so different. One early concept for Rocket League’s main menu music wouldn’t have felt out of place on Top Gear, or an early Sunday football show. That would have been a good fit for the game’s raucous combination of cars and sport, of course, but I’m certainly not sorry that developer Psyonix struck up a long-lasting relationship with EDM label Monstercat, instead.

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