Good Cupric Oxide Powder Yield

Cupric Oxide Powder is one of the non-ferrous metal powders that my country currently produces and consumes a lot. With the rapid development of my country's emerging industry and the continuous growth of the chemical industry, it has directly promoted the vigorous development of copper chemical products. At present, the domestic production of copper oxide powder is basically small and medium-sized enterprises, and the economic benefits of these small and medium-sized enterprises are very good. With relevant literature, most enterprises have a production capacity of about 500-1500 tons/year.

Copper oxide powder is generally used to make colorants and magnetic materials for glass, enamel, ceramics, etc. It is also used to make catalysts, pyrotechnics, dyes, other copper salts, rayon industry and electroplating industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's economy, the demand for copper oxide powder has increased year by year, and the future market development shows great potential.

There are many manufacturers of various types of copper oxide powder in my country, and the market shows that the backbone enterprises occupy most of the market share, and the small enterprises are supplemented. With the continuous deepening of my country's market economy construction and the increasingly fierce market-oriented competition, the copper oxide manufacturing industry can be described as challenges and opportunities, difficulties and hopes coexist.