You are configuring Azure Active Directory (AD) Privileged Identity Management. You need to provide a customer named Admm1 with study get proper of access to to a resource group named RG1 for only one month. The customer characteristic need to be assigned immediately. What should you do? a) Assign an eligible characteristic. b) Assign an active characteristic. c) Assign a totally active characteristic. d) Create a custom characteristic and a  AZ-104 Dumps conditional get proper of access to insurance. 08. You create an Azure subscription that is associated with a number one Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant. You need to collect an e-mail notification even as any customer activates an administrative characteristic. What should you do? a) Purchase Azure AD Premium 90 and configure Azure AD Privileged Identity Management. b) Purchase Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 and configure conditional get proper of access to pointers. c) Purchase Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 and create a custom alert rule in Azure Security Center. d) Purchase Azure AD Premium PI and allow Azure AD Identity Protection. 09. You download an Azure Resource Manager template based mostly on an cutting-edge virtual device. The template will be used to set up a hundred virtual machines. You need to regulate the template to reference an administrative password.