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Fildena is a common brand of Viagra and is widely used to cure impotence and erectile dysfunction in men. However, as most of you know, Viagra is not the only medication that can help a man achieve erections. There are many other prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs available in the market for erectile dysfunction treatment. But before you take any of those medicines, it is important for you to get your facts right about them. Here are a few facts related to Viagra.

This is an amino acid extracted from a variety of generic. The ingredient is commonly found in generic pills like Viagra, etc. The Viagra ingredient is L-Arginine. Fildena 100% contains L-Arginine, which is used to improve the blood flow to the penis and help in quick arousal. The active ingredient in this pill is also known as Citrulline. This ingredient helps in improving the production level of nitric oxide and thereby helps in better blood flow to the penis.

This is another common Viagra ingredient. When using Fildena 100 as a male enhancement supplement, the usual dosage is taken once per day. The recommended dosage is one gram of Fildena per liter of water. However, you need to follow the instructions mentioned on the tablet container. You must also take care that you do not exceed the suggested dosage as it may have other side effects, which may prove harmful for your body.

The manufacturing company produces Fildena in two steps. These are known as the first step and second step. Both the steps are done in a separate facility and are thus blended together. It is believed that the combination of these two steps produces superior quality sildenafil, as the first step has the ability to convert L-Arginine to L-Cysteine. This enables the body to increase the number of amino acids, which in turn improve the functioning of all the systems in the body, apart from aiding in improving the blood flow to the penis.

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