Benefits Of Various Beverage Bottles


Choose the bottle that best holds and dispenses the Beverage Bottle, and also looks good on a shelf or in a refrigerator. According to the appearance of the product, choose between glass bottles and plastic beverage bottles, and determine the best bottle cap style to fix the contents to make the appearance more beautiful. No matter which bottle cap combination you choose, there is enough space to add your own custom label to promote the product to potential customers.

Glass bottle
One of the most commonly used materials for beverage bottles is clear or colored glass. Glass beverage bottles can be used in a variety of beverage styles, including juice, soda and wine, which can bring a high-end appearance to your products while ensuring that the taste or smell of the liquid inside remains unchanged. Glass is non-porous and impermeable, which means that the packaging will never interact with the inside of the product in any way. Glass is particularly popular among beer bottles and growers, and glass containers can be used with a variety of bottle caps or caps to give it a unique appearance.

plastic bottle
If you prefer to use plastic when buying beverage bottles in bulk, there are several plastics to choose from, and there are a variety of screw caps to choose from. HDPE plastic is strong but usually opaque, making it a popular choice for milk bottles and jugs. PET plastic is a good substitute for glass because it can provide transparency similar to glass bottles, but has additional impact resistance. This transparent plastic is light in weight, so it does not penetrate into the product it contains, so it is popular for use in juice and water bottles.