Tricks to Confuse Your Rummy Opponents to Win the Game

The online rummy game like the offline rummy game is all about strategies that players use to beat their opponents. There are certain basic tricks that every rummy player can use to confuse their opponents and win big on the rummy table. However, for that you will have to practice these tricks like all passionate rummy players do and only then can you master them over a period of time.

So below are top two tricks using which you can bluff your rivals while playing on the rummy app:  

Get The Card That You Need: All experienced rummy players know how to get the right card from their opponents. For instance, if you want a King of heart or diamonds so that you can complete your sequence when you possess a King of club and spades, what you can do is discard a Queen of diamonds. This is likely to confuse your opponent and he will likely discard a King of diamonds or hearts believing you won’t make any sequence using these cards. Once he makes this mistake you can pick that card up and complete your set.

Pick Cards That You Don’t Need: A very important aspect of online rummy is that your opponent never comes to know or guess the cards that you want and the set or sequence you are aiming to make. If they can smell what you are up to then they will decode your strategy and won’t ever discard the cards that you want to complete your set or sequence. Here’s a trick how you can hide this from them. Go for some unwanted cards from the open deck. This will in all likelihood make them think that you are going to form a sequence using those cards. This will confuse them and they will discard some cards that you need. However, always be aware that you only pick up the cards with lesser points, so even when some other player on the table wins, you only lose with fewer points.

Don’t wait anymore apply these rummy tricks during practice on your junglee friends and then on your opponents on the rummy table