Elder Scrolls Online director shares PvP plans

The Elder Scrolls Online has been more focused on its PvE content and its world and lore building, even adding an ESO companion system last year to help single-player players. Unfortunately, this resulted in a lackluster PvP experience, with players facing both lag and technical issues, which developer ZeniMax Online Studios attributed to game server limitations. Despite multiple attempts to solve the problems of PvP, unfortunately they still persist.

ZeniMax will reveal the next chapter in Elder Scrolls Online later this month, and announce the game's next expansion pack. While details are scarce about what the studio has in store for players this year, a new Elder Scrolls Online 2022 cinematic trailer released earlier this month has players looking forward to the new expansion. Until then, players can Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold.

Firor has posted an official statement on the Elder Scrolls Online forums, revealing what ZeniMax plans to do to fix the Elder Scrolls Online PvP experience. Firor revealed in the announcement that the studio will need to re-architect the game's servers to improve its performance to better handle resource-intensive content such as PvP and Trials. Unfortunately, given that the studio needed to rewrite some of the underlying code for the server, Firor said the whole process could take a while, as it would also require re-testing the entire game.

The Elder Scrolls Online includes different types of PvP modes, including Battlegrounds and Alliance vs Alliance in Cyrodiil. In Battlegrounds, players can Buy ESO Gold by participating in the typical online multiplayer modes found in many competitive games, including Capture the Flag and Deathmatch. Cyrodiil usually sees large-scale battles. Both types of PvP have their own issues, and many players are eagerly awaiting updates and fixes from ESO.