What is an Asus router login?

Asus router login is a domain name used by most Synology users. It helps and assists the user in login into their routers without any hassle. Earlier, the users had to use an Asus router IP address to log into the web-based configuration of their router. Many of you do not know the exact IP address or use the wrong IP address, thus committing mistakes while login in and setup. So, now Asus router login provides a solution with a simple login process using router.asus.com web domain that directly takes you to the login window where you have to put in the username and password to get into the router software panel. Your Asus router setup has a preconfigured web domain. You can use this web domain instead of the default IP address. The web domain router.asus.com is also used to customize your username, password, and IP addresses. You need this web address whenever you log into your router configuration panel as an administrator,

Asus Router login Troubleshooting Tips

No matter how expert you are, problems can come uninvited. The most important thing is to find out the solution. Some of the common issues that most of the users face are as explained in the following solutions;

Asus router setup issue.

  1. Security issues with the Asus wireless router setup.
  2. Orange LED blinking on my Asus router.
  3. I am not able to access the internet even after the setup process.
  4. Unable to access router.asus.com web page.
  5. My Asus router is not working.
  6. I am facing a loose or weak internet connection.
  7. The computer is connected to the router but has no internet access.

Troubleshooting Tips for Router.asus.com setup

You may still face the access issue, even after following the entire process correctly. That is why we have mentioned some advanced troubleshooting processes to resolve your problem related to the router.asus.com login.

  1. Unplug the connected Ethernet cable from the router and the computer.
  2. After that, unplug the power adapter from the electric power outlet to stop the power supply.
  3. After, sometimes connect the power line adapter of your Asus router back to the power resource. 
  4. Press the power button given at the back of the router and turn the power.
  5. Now locate a reset button on your router and find a reset pin.
  6. Use the reset pin to press the reset button. Press and hold the reset button for about ten seconds.
  7. After that, release the reset button and let the router gain its default settings.
  8. When you are done with the reset process, login back to the router login page using the default username and password.
  9. The default login credential for your Asus router is admin and password. 
  10. If you confront any issue during the reset process, contact our technical experts and get a resolution instantly.

No LED Lights on my Asus Router

  1. If you see no LED lights on your Asus router, you should check that your router is on or off.
  2. Check the connected cables. Connect the Ethernet cable to the LAN port properly.
  3. Make sure the Ethernet cable on your computer and modem is also connected. 
  4. If your cable is damaged, use another Ethernet cable to connect your router, modem, and devices.
  5. Try flip-flopping the cord so that the router ends go in the router computer and the computer end goes into the router.  

Entering an incorrect IP address 

Next, make sure that you are not using any incorrect IP addresses.

For example, these examples are incorrect and will never work:

  • Http://
  • www.

It is not necessary to put the http:// or https://, for example,, in front of the numbers you enter into the address bar. 

Typing http:// is ok only if typed correctly. But keep it simple. Never put in more than the requirement as it increases the chances of mistakes and consumes more time. Just type the IP address adding only numbers and dots. Let the browser automatically catch the http:// portion in the beginning, then press Enter button.

How do I make a Hard Reset to my Asus Router?

  • To reset your Asus router press, and hold the Reset button while the router is still on. 
  • You have to use a reset pin or a sharp-pointed object to press and hold the reset button for about 10 to 15 seconds
  • The power indicator on your Asus router should start flashing upon a successful reset.

During the reset process of your router, Asus only powers light blinking. And after 1-2 minutes, the other lights will also start blinking. There should be at least 4 LED lights on your router. These are the power LED, Internet LED, 2.4GHz LED, and 5GHz LED.  

How to fix: Asus router connected but no internet access


First of all, the easiest solution is to restart your devices, like the router, computer, and modem. A good way is to reboot your devices. You can fix many software problems and Asus router setup issues by rebooting the device. Turn off both the router and the modem and wait for about 20 seconds before restarting them. Moreover, restart your computer to ensure things are working. Once everything finishes and the devices have been set to their factory default settings, try reconnecting to see if it works.


The second and the most common problem can be with your DNS server. Sometimes, the conflict between your DNS cache can lead to access router.asus.com problems. You would think that the internet is not working. In that case, you should flush DNS to resolve any trouble. It can be a problem if you use your ISP default DNS. You may also try to use Google or Cloud flare or any other DNS provider. For DNS, flush in your windows start menu and type the abbreviation [cmd]. And then, open it as an administrator using your computer.

As you see the command prompt has opened, type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press the enter key. It will flush the entire DNS cache.