Characteristics of Ruby Synthesized by Flux Strategy

Surface area featuressapphire red color

1. Unique crystal kind: The crystal kind of ruby synthesized by flux method is mainly plate-like and granular.

2. Shade: The color of ruby synthesized by flux way is richer, including numerous shades of reddish.


Interior composite functions

1. Metallic flakes: The platinum flakes peeled off from the platinum crucible is seen in the ruby synthesized by flux method. The platinum flakes might be triangular, hexagonal or unusual polygonal. The potential risk of platinum flakes showing is very low.

2. Flux deposits: The most crucial solid addition from the functionality of ruby by flux strategy is flux remains, which frequently features a particular color and condition.



Characteristics of Ruby Synthesized by Flame Smelting Method 

The figuring out characteristics of man-made rubies. 

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