5 Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles For 3c hair Type

Everyone admires bouncy natural curly hair, but only those who have it understand the difficulty of maintaining it. We understand that there are days when your rebellious curly hair refuses to remain in place. This is why we've put together a list of 5 appealing hairstyles for your 3c natural hair to pick from for effortless and impressive-looking hair every day. As you continue to read this blog, remember that all hair lengths and hues are featured. Check out these gorgeous curly hairstyles that are now popular, and yes, you can try them out with extensions or a wig if you already own one.

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1. Ombre Curls Are Stunning.

3c curly hair

Riri flaunting ombre in curly hair

With the appropriate haircut, African American hair is always stunning. You may achieve a stunning look by highlighting your curls with a gorgeous ombre. Choose any ombre that will match your personality and make your mane look to the next level. The right time for a change is now; spice up your 3c curly hair and look attractive like never before.

2. Big Curls With Bangs

3c hair type

Zendaya cute look:c3 curly hair with bangs

Dark hair color with bangs can be a terrific way to frame your face. Baby lights are a great way to add a little something to your style. Bigger the curls better the view. For this, you can use any quality hair crème to give that healthy-looking 3c natural hair. Use fingers to tease those gorgeous curly bangs, and there you go looking stunning.

3. Messy Shoulder Length Cut

Even if your hair isn't long curly, you'll have plenty of room to experiment with different hairstyles. This haircut is perfect for a sophisticated evening out, with a touch of creative disarray but still classy. Or if you prefer something longer than use wigs, there are short kinky curly wigs that are best for 3c texture hair. Use, style, and flaunt like any celebrity. 

4. Voluminous Natural 3c Curly Hair

long 3c hair

Voluminous 3c curly hair

Why resist nature if you're sick of straightening your hair every day? Curly hair that frames your face will bring out your natural beauty and increase your self-esteem! So, take a breath and go for this voluminous. Use any moisturizing crème to add moisture, tease the roots and ends with your finger, and use add shine spray for that glossy long 3c hair.  

5. Big Airy Curls

3c natura hair

Kerry Washington and her airy big curls 

You can't get enough of these textured, flawless loops! Her mane is quite fascinating, and every curl glows! To keep your curls in place, spritz with hairspray. Walk with confidence as you flaunt that gorgeous 3c hair.

These are the top 5 celebrity-inspired hairstyles for your 3c curly hair. You can also choose afro looks, curly braids, and so many. There is no limit to what you can do with your mane. Try them, look beautiful in your way and enjoy styling each hairstyle with grace and contentment. And as you style them, make sure to take care of your curly hair from damages and burns.