6 Protective Hairstyles For Long Wavy Wigs To Rock Special Occasions 

                   Know protective hairstyles to protect your wavy hair

Almost all African-American women have thick, dense hair that can be skillfully shaped into stunning hairstyles. The natural dryness and brittleness of Wavy Wigs, on the other hand, is the other side of the medal that requires special care.

Protective hairstyles are designed to reduce the stress caused by environmental factors on wigs wavyhair. This blog will show 6 simple but eye-catching protective hairstyles, as well as how to care for your natural hair.

The Advantages of Protective Hairstyles

Protective hairstyles are invaluable because, in addition to providing a flawless, elegant appearance, they keep your hair ends tucked and protected from aggressive damaging factors. Furthermore, they aid in the retention of moisture, the retention of length, and the protection of the edges from thinning.

Aside from wearing protective hairstyles, you can improve the health of your coils by following these wavy hair tips:

Before styling your hair, use natural oils or hydrating balms to nourish your hair and scalp.

Keep Your Hair to dry (Overnight)

Wear a hat or to protect your hair from extreme heat or cold.

Cover your hair with a satin scarf on your head to protect your coils overnight.

Natural Hair Protective Hairstyles

Let's look at how you can protectively style your hair. Which protective hairstyle will become your new signature look after perusing these options? – Flat twists, a pineapple hairstyle, or a side part updo?

1: Flat Twists In An Updo

Comfortable flat twist hairstyles

Some protective hairstyles, such as box braids and jumbo cornrows, can pull on edges or weigh down your strands of wavy lace front, which is the inverse of what you want. Twists can be used to counteract this. They have the same effect as the previous ones but are lighter and more comfortable to wear.

#2: Traditional Braids

Low-maintenance hairstyles for hair protection

Braiding over the head is ideal for free-hanging protective hairstyles with longer hair. What is the most appealing aspect of braids? They can last for weeks and require little to no upkeep.

#3: Updo With Flat Twist Headband

Part your hair to the side and twist the front sections into a feminine bohemian braid. The hairstyle is simple and quick to create at home, and no special tools are required. It's an excellent method for quickly pulling your hair into a protective hairstyle and then undoing it.

#4: Two Chunky Twists Side-Parted

Protect hair from heat and sun in braiding hairstyles

When medium-length virgin hair wigs need to be protected from damaging heat and sun, two long twist braids are an excellent choice. The braids are just right – feminine and appealing without extra colors or accessories.

#5: Natural Hair Side Part Updo

Perfect Hairstyle for work and casual meeting

A low bun is a simple and classic look for any occasion, but add a face-framing roll if you want to dress it up. This is ideal if you have a work presentation, a lunch meeting, or an after-hours event.

#6: Natural Bun Updo With A Twist On The Side

Face-framing hairstyles

If you want a feminine and easy-to-do at-home style, a supersized bun is a fantastic way to wear your long wavy wigs. A single thin twist adorned with golden cuffs winds around the bun and acted as a crown, elegantly framing the face. Baby-soft sideburn curls give you a princess-like appearance. If you love to try this protective hair but don't have virgin hair or wavy hair or human hair wigs, you should get it from Indique Hair and save 25% off on this post-black Friday sales with the code INDIQUEBF25