As part of its anniversary offering


The "Rick and Morty" content update, includes collectible toppers for characters like Cromulon, Mr. Poopy Butthole, Mr. Meeseeks, and a separate Rick or Morty antenna. Players can acquire these vehicle add-ons as drops after a finished match. As part of its anniversary offering, gamers can also find rare and random customization items until July 10.

"Rocket League's" patch 1.35 update essentially signals the end of the competitive play for season 4 and the beginning for season 5 where a new Season Reward Level system has been set in place. Under the new scheme, players have to complete 12 games successfully before receiving their rewards.

Since its launch, Psyonix claims "Rocket League" has welcomed over 33 million players on several gaming platforms. Its servers host some 1.6 million players a day with some 41 percent accessing the game through PlayStation 4. "Rocket League" is also available for Xbox One and PC gamers. Later in the year, the game will also be available for Nintendo Switch players.

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