Do you want to have the perfect snowman in Animal Crossing?

The time when the animal travels can be synchronized with the real-time. So, do you want to have a perfect snowman?

Winter comes, snowfalls, and the island once again becomes a winter wonderland. This means that this is also the time to repeatedly try to build the perfect snowman throughout the year. Animal Crossing: New Horizons players recently discussed their strategy for building the perfect snowman on Reddit. Even if the player does not see snow outside the window in the real world, they can still build a perfect snowman in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing: There is still a difference between a snowman in a new horizon and a snowman in reality. In reality, we can build snowmen of any size and shape. But in the animal crossing game, players need to abide by the rules and build in proportion. After building the snowman correctly, you can get many benefits. For example, the snowman will provide players with a DIY recipe and a large snowflake. DIY recipes will also be sold in the Nook store. Players can purchase DIY recipes through Buy ACNH NMT.


The Snowman upgraded to version 2.0 first is more sophisticated than the old version. The snowball in the game will grow bigger as you roll it, and the upgraded snowman will make you love it even more. If you are a player who loves outdoor life like me, let's have a game to fill the island with snowmen!

According to feedback from users on Reddit, making a snowman first needs accurate data. First, prepare two snowballs. Two snowballs will be prepared and rolled to the maximum size. Generally speaking, keep rolling the snowball until it doesn't change a lot. This is the maximum size. Roll and fuse 2 snowballs to get a perfect snowman. The best place to place the snowman is to choose a custom-designed floor. This helps the snowman stay longer

A user posted a photo of a completed snowman on Reddit, which sparked a heated discussion. The pursuit of creating the perfect snow boy seems endless. No matter what shape and size the snowman have, in our opinion, all snow boys are perfect. If it is my island, after I build the snowman, I will use bells to buy an outdoor table and chairs. can help any player buy Nook Miles Tickets. Snowman and tables and chairs can make my island more lifelike. Some naughty animals crossing the player may build disproportionate snowmen. The final decision is in the hands of every player.