You know you should have more control

As you know, to avoid fraudulent purchases and protect Psyonix from credit card scams, there is a 7-Day trade ban on Rocket League keys, it means you have to wait 7 days to be able to use the keys after buying them from the official store. But it seems kind of annoying to many players that you should have to wait so long to trade and have deals potentially fall through. And you would get sick of waiting 7 days and end up stupidly opening crates instead of being patient and waiting. Then, by the time the 7 days is up, you don't have very many keys left to get what you actually want. You know you should have more control, but it's hard when they're right there and the crates are just begging to be unlocked. So it is hard to be accepted by most of the players as it frustrating not being able to trade instantly when you see the items you wanted.

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