Scope Of Social Media Marketing In The Digital World.

 Do you know how many people use social media in India? Let’s make a guess. Is it 200 Million or 300 Million or 400Million? No, it’s more than that; there are 448 Million social media users in India. More than half of the world uses social media, which is 4.20 Billion people globally. If your Brand uses this powerful platform, you are missing the brownie points, my friend. The scope of social media marketing is so big that it has changed marketing strategies. 

The traditional marketing of print media, television, and radio ads are still relevant, but social media digital marketing in India is the golden opportunity for brands to invest more. Social Media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and many more have enclosed the whole world into its grip. Today brands use the opportunity of these platforms to promote their products and services.

Why Has Social Media Become So Popular Over The Years?

All the popular social media sites came into existence in the 2000s, YouTube (2005), Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and Twitter (2006), Instagram (2010), and many more platforms came into existence. The increase in the use of the internet paved the way for social media. Initially, social media was only for connecting people.  As more and more people joined the platforms, Brands took the opportunity to promote their business.

A robust social media plan includes which of the following? And Social Media is indispensable for Business today. Why? Let’s find out. 

1) Brand Acknowledgement- When Brands find a place on social media, people start recognizing the brand. One can increase its visibility even when a customer does not wish to buy. Social media is like a playground where brands and people engage with each other. When customers recognize a brand by its logo and products, it transcends the competition and stands out. Nike’s swoosh symbol is one of the simplest, but still, people recognize it because it has made its presence felt. 

Scope of social media marketing
Scope of social media marketing

2) Increased Interaction with Community- Social media is all about socializing with people. Top social media marketing companies also interact with customers, infuse human sentiments, support social causes and develop a unique voice through these platforms. This increases their credibility. Today, communication is not one way but two ways. People like it when brands interact with them and solve their queries in no time. It makes them happy. Social Media is an excellent platform for interacting with loyal customers. 

3) Convert potential leads into loyal customers- Social media makes it easy for brands to promote and sell their products . Some platforms like Facebook and Instagram have unique features like business pages and business accounts for Brands. Now people can easily buy products from social media. The potential leads directly land on the brand’s website while scrolling the social media pages. It helps in converting the target audience into loyal customers. 

4) Build Customer Loyalty- When a brand tells its story behind its origin, shows its day-to-day activities, interacts with the target audience, and solves its customer queries. The customers will choose your brand. They will follow the brand and remain loyal. 

5) Social media shows customers’ behaviour- Social media is an excellent platform where ads and campaigns can be tested quickly. One gets a chance to interact and find customers’ reactions whether they liked a product or not. The Data generated with these different sites also tells about the behaviour and pattern of consumers. Thus, brands invest extravagantly in the scope of social media marketing. 

6) Advertise free of Cost- Many social media sites allow the budding business to promote and advertise their products free of cost. This helps them to establish themselves and make a presence among their competitors.

This is the conclusion of social media marketing.

Today’s project report on social media marketing says social media is like oxygen for brands to survive the competition. Thus, every brand must consciously invest and find its unique place in the digital world