Tarifa Kitesurfing - An Ultimate Guide

Finding the best kitesurf school could be a daunting task. So, here we are to introduce you to the only best kitesurf school located in Tarifa (Cádiz), Spain.

Low season

There is still wind in Tarifa, it's usually around 4 wind days per week.

The temperature is between 10-18C and there is more prospect of rain.

Sometimes there is very good swell from the Atlantic, and that means that you may surf in or around Tarifa.

Many shops and bars are closed till March, you'll find fewer individuals compared to commonly and also the rates are reduced.

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In March each of the pubs and kitesurf shops open and prepare for the season.

The temperatures are better about 16-20C and there is an average of 5 end days each week.

The good thing about the center season is the town and kite spots are not as crowded, you can do kitesurfing wherever you desire.

This is our favorite time, and we advocate coming at this time to appreciate Tarifa to the fullest.

High season

You can only kite at Los Lances Norte, Valdevaqueros and Punta Paloma.

In Los Lances you will find split kite zones for schools and kitesurfers.

In Valdevaqueros you will find places for kitesurfers and beachgoers.

From June 1 to September 30 there's a rescue ship service accessible for Levante conditions, you can purchase a rescue card that you may use in the event of a crisis.

We suggest you buy it in advance, otherwise, the saving will cost a whole lot more.

If you wish to attain the kite areas, you'll require a car. They can get very crowded, so it is always best to get to the beach early to get a parking place.

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