Natural Ayurvedic Cure For Dandruff- 8 Simple And Useful Remedies

Dandruff can be really pesky. It causes severe irritation which leads to itchiness. Dandruff is not a serious illness, but if not treated at the right time; it can develop into various other issues. There is a broad range of options available to you, choose the right remedy and wave goodbye to dandruff forever. Refrain from using chemically loaded products on your scalp. Ayurveda offers wonderful solutions to the same. Follow the tips mentioned below and obtain a permanent cure for dandruff.

Use Bringadi Oil For Keeping Dandruff Away

Bringadi oil is a mixture of herbs like amla, sesame, balloon vines, and indigo. Irritation on the scalp is reduced to a great extent if bringadi oil is used. Massage your scalp with a generous amount of oil and experience the change. You will not complain of dandruff and itching anymore. It also prevents hair damage. This oil soothes your hair by cooling the scalp. Treat your hair with bringadi oil at least thrice a week to get faster results. Heat the oil before application; this will make it more effective. Make sure you cover the entire scalp while applying the oil.

Coconut Oil Can Eliminate Dandruff Due To Dryness

Some people have dry scalp. This also results in the formation of dandruff. You can maintain a hair care routine to protect your hair from excessive damage. Hair fall and dandruff are pretty much related to each other. Any kind of irritation on the scalp can be treated with coconut oil. People with eczema also use coconut oil for obtaining relief. The ones who suffer from dandruff should keep their skin hydrated. Coconut oil with its excellent anti-microbial properties can curb the symptoms that cause dandruff. Once you oil your hair, do not wash it off fast. Let it rest for about half an hour before you shower.

Massaging Your Scalp With Neem Oil Is Also A Great Cure

The dandruff-prone scalp should be treated with neem oil frequently. This stubborn fungus can be removed only by nourishing your hair with the required oil. Neem oil has great benefits. Its anti-fungal and anti-viral features make it even more popular in the field of medicine. Neem is one of the main ingredients in Ayurvedic hair care treatment. Alternatively, effective dandruff treatment is offered by the well-known Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala. Neem oil will get you relief from severe dryness and itchiness if applied in the right way. Do not forget to dilute neem oil with sesame oil in an equal ratio before its application.

Get Rid Of Dandruff Using Lemon

Lemon juice works wonders in dandruff treatment. This is one of the simplest hacks that help to tackle dandruff and produce effective results. Lemon is acidic and hence fights against the fungus that clings onto your scalp. It also brings down the greasy texture of your hair and retains its shine. Apply two tablespoons of lemon juice on your scalp and leave it still for about two minutes. You have to then add another tablespoon of lemon juice to one cup of water and wash your hair. Follow this two times a week and see the change.

Keep Dandruff At Bay With The Use Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil also can reduce the irritation caused by dandruff. Anti-inflammatory property helps to lessen the symptoms that lead to the dryness and itchiness of your scalp. Diluting tea tree oil is a must. Never skip this process and it can have adverse impacts on sensitive skin. Apart from tea tree oil, aloe vera gel and apple cider vinegar also act as a great solution for dandruff and dryness.

No More Itching If You Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is another all-purpose solution to a wide range of complex problems. Having baking soda at home is a boon as it can solve most of the issues be it cleaning or stain removal and now, it also helps in getting rid of dandruff. All you have to do is take a considerable amount of baking soda and apply it to damp hair. There is no point in treating dried hair with soda powder; it will not produce any result. Once done shampoo, wash your hair. You will notice the difference after two or three washes.

Always Have A Balanced Meal

You may wonder how a healthy diet affects the production of dandruff. Well, a good digestive fire plays a major role in the functioning of your system. It is thus important to fill your plate with nutrient and protein-rich food. Avoid munching on the junk. This leads to indigestion. Add a lot of green vegetables to your diet to keep your system intact and reduce fungal activity.  

Shampoo Wash Is A Must

Never let the oil content retain in your scalp. An oily scalp can increase the formation of dandruff. Make sure to shampoo your hair once oiled. Maintain a perfect hair care routine. You have to protect your hair from getting damaged. Hence oiling and shampoo washing should be regularly followed. Apart from these effective remedies to combat dandruff, there are natural and effective ayurvedic treatments available that can keep dandruff and hairfall at bay.