Video Screening Software For A Faster Recruitment Process

Jobma video screening platform not only helps you screen the applicants fast, but it also shortlists the most suitable candidate for face-to-face interview effectively.

Video screening software is gaining popularity over the years for its ability to screens millions of candidates at the same time, narrow down the list of applicants for in-person interviews, and make hiring faster working remotely. It connects recruiters from worldwide talent pools crossing geographical boundaries and improves the quality of hire. Besides, an online virtual screening tool helps the hiring managers to escape from one-by-one telephonic screening and reduces the time taken in the complete recruitment process. Are you a tech-savvy? If so, a video interviewing tool is a perfect fit for you. It enables you to post jobs on an online portal, send auto-reminder for the interviews, and review score the candidates automatically and remotely. 

With video interviewing technology, you can shortlist the most suitable applicants based on job descriptions and makes in-person interviews more effective. These automated features help recruiters save their valuable time and invest it in digging deep into the most suitable candidate for the position. In this post, you will find how can video screening software fast track your hiring?

Brings recruitment automation: A digital screening platform shifts your hiring on a digital track and makes it faster, convenient, and more efficient than ever before. Online screening of the applicants makes your hiring comprehensive, evidence-based and helps you improve your selection process. 

Reduce time-taken: With video screening software, you can access worldwide talent for the position remotely sitting at home. And save your time and expenses on travel. No matter where you or your candidates are video interviewing platform allows you to record interview questions once for all and let the candidates record responses from anywhere, they want. These features make hiring flexible and faster than the traditional recruitment process. 

Structure your interviewing: It helps you screen the candidates automatically and shortlist the candidates based on job descriptions. Besides, you can record unlimited interviews and use them to compare a candidate from the rest that makes hiring effective and evidence-based. Digital interviewing improves collaborations between recruiters and the hiring managers. It ensures the involvement of more than one person in decision-making that evolves your ability to hire the right-fit candidate for the position.

Why your HR team should have a video screening tool?

  • A video screening software makes your interview asynchronous that means you don't have to be present in a real-time interview when the candidates are recording responses. You can review score the responses remotely at your chosen convenience. 
  • Why waste time screening candidates one-by-one when you have a digital solution to narrow down the list of candidates for in-person interviews. With virtual interviewing, you can scan a candidate remotely and call them in for higher stages of the interview only when you satisfy with the initial steps that save your time and resources.
  • Video screening software allows even time-tighten candidates to participate in the interview process and helps recruiters fast-track the hiring process. It attracts a vast number of candidates from across the world and reduces the number of interview dropouts.
  • Best of all, an online digital screening solution allows recruiters to review score the candidates remotely sitting in their comfort, making evaluation flexible. It lets you share the candidate's detail with your colleagues in a single click and allows them to leave the feedback working remotely quickly.

Jobma video screening platform not only helps you screen the applicants fast, but it also shortlists the most suitable candidate for face-to-face interview effectively. 

Are you considering a digital screening tool for your HR team? If yes, we strongly suggest you Jobma. It is easy to use, affordable, and cost-effective. For more detail, you can visit the official website of Jobma and request a FREE DEMO.

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