All About Chinese Furniture

Chinese furniture refers to a vast array of different pieces produced between the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty and the 20th Century, from the mid-14th to the mid-20th centuries. Chinese furniture is known to span a broad range of styles and periods, such as those from the Ming Dynasty, which focused on themes of love and flowers; the Qing Dynasty, which produced furniture focusing on simplicity and function; and the Western style, which was a counterpoint to the previously mentioned two. However, Chinese furniture can also be classified by region: furniture produced in the interior of China, in the Tang Dynasty and in the Jian Dynasty. All the three periods were crucial in establishing the Chinese furniture traditions and styles we know today.

As one might expect, since the majority of Chinese furniture is cast in bronze, iron and wood, most pieces are heavy, unrelenting and quite powerful. To make them even more formidable, they have to be made of solid materials - which can also include ceramic, jute, silk and rattan. The Chinese are known to be quite particular about cleanliness and hygiene, so it's no surprise that many of their pieces have intricate designs on the handles and mat seats; mirrors, vases and all other parts of the china. Many pieces require skillful craftsmanship; for example, if you want to restore a piece with intricate carvings or patterns, you have to start by carefully sanding the design down until you are left with an intricate design. Then you need to apply a lacquer that protects the design and adds a protective layer of lacquer that keeps the patterns looking new.

The Chinese are known for their extraordinary creativity when it comes to using everyday objects to create their china ware. Although there are many kinds of everyday objects that can be used to make their furniture, such as rattan, cane and wooden platters, there are certain things that cannot be used because of the extreme weather conditions. For instance, the Chinese cannot use plastic when it is hot because it can easily melt and is not very durable and light. Similarly, you cannot use ceramic or any other material in the winter because they are not good insulators. If you want to buy authentic Chinese furniture, you should therefore buy your pieces based on the location of your work and of course according to your daily life.

If you live in a hot climate, then you should purchase Chinese furniture based on the Chinese belief that wood is a great healer. Therefore, the furniture that you purchase should be made of wood, either bamboo or rattan, which can absorb the bad energy from the hot climate. On the other hand, there are also Chinese furniture that are designed according to the idea of creating a relaxing environment. Some examples of these are wicker, lacquered wooden and rattan.

If you purchase Chinese furniture in the hot summer months, make sure that the furniture is treated so that they do not easily crack or fade. In the Chinese culture, each type of furniture is linked to a particular season. Therefore, you should buy Chinese wooden chairs according to the corresponding season. For example, if the furniture is meant for summer, make sure that it is made out of palmwood or bamboo, as such materials are the most appropriate for this type of Chinese furniture.

Another factor that you should consider when purchasing Chinese furniture, whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, is the kind of wood that it is made from. This is because the Chinese prefer to use rattan and wicker for both indoor and outdoor furniture. However, it is important to note that although they have low cost, the quality of Chinese rattan and wicker is not as good as that of Western-made products. Therefore, if you want to buy good quality Chinese wooden furniture, you should therefore do some research on the Internet. It is also advisable to talk to Chinese furniture restorer so that you can choose the best Chinese wood furniture for your home.

Another factor that you should consider when buying Chinese furniture is the construction material of the furniture. It is preferable to buy Chinese furniture that uses solid wood such as oak, maple or cherry. You should also make sure that the structure of the furniture is in a position that it can withstand pressure. In addition, you should make sure that the legs and feet of the furniture are strong enough to hold it together while it is being used. Another important aspect of a Chinese furniture is its hardware. It is advisable to buy Chinese-made hardware that has been decorated with Chinese characters, as this will help protect the painting and the design of the Chinese furniture.

You should also take a look at the base of the furniture. Most Chinese furniture is constructed with wooden bases. However, nowadays, there are many types of wooden basements available in the market. You should therefore ensure that you buy a base that is suitable to the Chinese wooden furniture that you have in mind to buy. Make sure also that it is easy to clean and maintain. You can buy these furniture at Asian Furniture for Sale or at Asian Furniture auction .