Know About Armscor Ammo Before Going Hunting

Armscor Ammunition is an abbreviation of the Philippine Armed Forces. Armscor Amgboagha was born after World War II and focused on guns and ammunition. To advance towards industrialization, the family company known as Armscor Ammunition received permission from the Philippines to produce weapons and ammunition locally.


Armscor ammunition is intended for the production of high-quality firearms and ammunition. Combining precision investment casting with ammunition steel, requiring computer numerical control accuracy, and its unique craftsmanship, Armscor ammo has developed and maintained its reputation for quality products. Armscor's reputation has led them to become the most significant arms and ammunition manufacturer in Southeast Asia!


Armscor ammunition complies with ISO, SAAMI, and CIP standards. Their shell is very popular with the police, military, and shooters. Whatever your purpose, Armscor promises to deliver high-quality, precise, and reliable shots!


Armscor Ammunition For Sale:

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Gauges Offered By Armscor Ammo:


As seen above the Armscor website, the Armscor website

.22 Short

22 LR

22 MRF

357 Magnum

9 MM

.45 Auto

.38 Special

.380 Auto

.38 Super

.40 S W


.223 REM

5.56 MM

.30 Carbine

20 Gauge

12 Gauge

Armscor ammo is available in a wide range of specifications, including bullet weights, bullet speeds, and quality levels. Armscor ammo is known as one of the affordable and easy to find ammo. So, with the market flooded with Armscor ammo, how do you know which one is right for you? This is where this list comes in. Here I've collected many of the best Armscor ammo available.