Animal Crossing: How to unlock more custom-designed slots

Animal Crossin players want more fact slots in a short time-now they can get them!

The Animal Crossing series is a game that can be played forever. At least the next game of the series can be played before the chaos. It is your life simulator in itself and can keep villagers busy for more than a year.

From the beginning, the animal crossing game has been a huge world that is constantly evolving. New seasonal events will give players a different experience every time. ACBellsBuy store will add new items as the game upgrades, so players can buy Animal Crossing Bells smoothly. There will be different game events every month, but that doesn't mean everything will be the same. The game has also become a lot of overall improvements.

Through the March update, players can get 50 additional advertising spaces for the normal app and the professional version of the app. There are 100 additional design slots in total-a lot! This is how to use this new and improved function.

To unlock the expanded custom web design slot, all you need to do is choose Custom Designer Pro Editor +. Each upgrade will not affect the operation of the player. Players can freely Buy ACNH Items. And this setting remains unchanged. To purchase this product, just go to Resident Services and visit the Nook Stop terminal immediately. Once you start with this simple ATM, choose to redeem.

Animal Crossing enthusiasts have always wanted this upgrade, and since the overall game is already an annual history, they can finally expand its delightful custom design range!


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