Madden 22's Week 7 losers players rating roster update predictions

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The 7th week of the NFL is over. Players in every position have performed well and accumulated statistics. If you need Coins' help, you can buy Cheap Madden 22 Coins from MMOSO. This shows that the Madden 22 roster update is in progress! However, for others, a slight drop in their rating is necessary. Below are our predicted losers for the Madden 22 roster update.

1. Davis Mills (QB) - 66 OVR (-1) - Houston Texans
The Texans lost the game against the Arizona Cardinals, this is not all Davis Mills's fault. However, he did not do much to help them.

After throwing only 135 yards on Sunday, Davis Mills is likely to see his Madden 22 rating drop from 66 OVR to 65, and two interceptions may drop even more. I Hope Mills can rebound in Week 8.

2. Justin Fields (QB) - 74 OVR (-2) - Chicago Bears
We will be surprised to see Justin Fields win the gridiron for the Bears in their next game after his Week 7's performance. The QBR in week 7 is 44.3, and his Madden 22 rating is expected to drop significantly.

He led the NFL in interceptions in Week 7, making a total of 3 interceptions and fumbling twice. Expect Justin Fields Madden 22's rating to drop by two points.

3. Jared Goff (QB) - 75 OVR (-1) - Detroit Lions
Another quarterback who had a tough weekend is Jared Goff. Goff found himself facing his old club and failed miserably.

Goff intercepted twice and was sacked twice, ending the game with a QBR of 70.1. However, his Madden 22 rating should not drop too much, just a little bit point down.

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