Chinese mythology: Hou Yi shoot the sun

Today, I will tell you an interesting ancient Chinese mythology. The name of the story is "Hou Yi shoot the sun". If you want to learn more about Chinese Culture, you can click on the link to learn.

It is said that a long time ago, there were ten suns in the sky, and they were all sons of the Eastern Heavenly Emperor. These ten suns lived on the Eastern Sea with their mother. When sunlight is needed at dawn, the sun rode on a two-wheeled vehicle that traveled the sky and sprinkles the light on every corner of the world. These suns took turns on duty every day, in order, and everything in the world was in harmony. People lived together like neighbors and friends, plowing at sunrise and resting at sunset, leading a happy life. Humans and animals can live in harmony. At that time, people were grateful for the light that the sun had brought to them, and they often bowed their heads towards the sky and worshiped.

This kind of day lasted for a long time, but these ten suns gradually became bored. They wanted to travel the sky together, and they thought it must be very interesting. So when dawn came, the ten suns took a two-wheeled vehicle and traveled the sky together. At this time, people and everything on the earth couldn't stand it anymore. The ten suns were like ten fireballs, the heat they released at the same time scorched the earth and burned many people and animals to death. The forest was on fire, and all the trees, crops, and houses were burned to ashes. Those people and animals that did not burn to death in the fire ran around, frantically looking for places to avoid disasters and life-saving water and food.

That time the river and the sea ran dry, all the fish were dead, and the monsters in the water climbed ashore to stole food. The food supply for humans and livestock has been cut off. At this time, there was a young and handsome immortal named Hou Yi. He was an archer with outstanding arrow skills. The emperor ordered him to expel the sun. Seeing people living in the fire disaster, he felt very unbearable, so he secretly determined to shoot away the nine extra suns to help people out of the sea of ​​suffering.

So Hou Yi came to the East Sea and climbed up a high mountain. Hou Yi drew the bow and use a heavy arrow, aimed at the dazzling sun in the sky, and shot it away. The first sun was shot down. Hou Yi drew the bow again, use the sharp arrow, and shot it away. At the same time, two suns were shot down. At this time, there are still seven suns in the sky. Hou Yi shot a third arrow. The arrow was shot very powerfully, and one arrow shot down four suns. In this way, Hou Yi shot a total of nine suns. The nine suns that were hit by the arrow died one by one, and their light and heat disappeared little by little. In the end, there is a sun that continues to contribute light and heat to the world every day.

Since then, the sun rose from the eastern seashore every day and went down from the western mountains at night, warming the world, keeping everything alive, and people living and working in peace and contentment.