Lodestone locations in the New World: where to find them what level of mining they require and more

The lodestone is one of the most difficult materials to mine in the New World. This page contains information on where to find them throughout Aeternum, as well as what mining level you'll need to be at. MMORPGs are frequently endowed with a colossal amount of resources, which players can choose to gather from various locations throughout the game world. New World is no exception in this regard, as adventurers have been roaming the map, harvesting, mining, and fishing to their hearts' content to their delight.


Throughout the buy diablo 2 resurrected items, you'll undoubtedly come across unusual-looking rocks that you'll want to mine because, in many cases, these are rare and provide players with valuable covenant materials.

Lodestone is a difficult material to come by, and we'll go over all of the New World lodestone locations, as well as why you'll want to go on a lodestone hunt for this rock.

What exactly is a lodestone in the New World? Due to the fact that its veins are unlocked at mining level 105, lodestone is one of the more advanced materials that players can mine in the New World. Those who have achieved this trade skill should be extremely proud of themselves, as it will be used in the crafting of some high-tier materials later on in the game, which will be extremely beneficial to your player and others.

Lodestone can also be smelted so that it can be turned into lodestone blocks, which can be used for the aforementioned crafting and also sold to your local Trading Post for a reasonable price.

Locations of lodestones in the New World
If you have the necessary skills to mine lodestone, you'll want to look for these elusive veins if you have the time and resources.

When you reach mining level 155 on your New World buy diablo 2 resurrected items, they are tracked, but if you want to find some before that level, they are indicated by a dark/red tint. In addition, because this material is so rare, we've been able to mark a few locations around some of the territories that contain veins because of the rarity of the material.

Here are some lodestone locations in the New World:Following your successful acquisition of lodestone, you'll want to brush up on some of the other New World tips and tricks we've compiled for you in the section below.