What is the Point Based System for getting the civil partnership visa of the U.K.?

The Point Based System is the way of getting the visa approval from the authorities of the home office in the U.K. Basically, the simple concept of Point Based System is to give points to the people’s documents, certifications, background, history, etc. in order to find out as well as ensure that the person is eligible and completely fine to enter the boundaries of the U.K.


The Point Based System is eligible or can be applied for various visa types such as spouse visas, civil partner visa, unmarried partners visa type, same sex partners visa type, etc. This Point Based System is applicable to apply from within the boundaries of the U.K. or even from outside of the boundaries of the U.K. The UK civil partnership visa is also eligible for the PBS system. 


 However, the UK civil partnership visa has some requirements as well as clarification in order to confirm the relationship among both the partners. 


Here are those requirements. Have a look at them:


  1. Both the partners must be in a genuine and the real relationship.
  2. The partners have a genuine intention to live together for the rest of their lives.
  3. Financial situation of the both the partners must be decent if both are working. Otherwise, the working partner must be capable of taking care of the other partner in the U.K.
  4. The English language is the most important factor here. Both the partners must know how to speak and understand the English language.


For getting the UK civil partnership visa a person need to follow below mentioned steps:


Step: 1 visit official website of U.K. govt.

Step: 2 choose the UK civil partnership visa

Step: 3 fill up the complete application form correctly and accurately to the best of your knowledge 

Step: 4 attach all the required documents

Step: 5 submit the form 

Step: 6 pay the money for the application form

Step: 7 choose the best suitable time and date slot in order to give the interview and biometrics


Here are the list of points that a person can get from authorities:

  1. Job offer from an approved employer - 20 points
  2. Skills for job - 20 points
  3. English language - 10 points
  4. Salary of person - 10 points
  5. Educational qualification of the person - 20 points