Features Of Polyester Flannel Fabric

In our lives, polyester flannel fabric is still a more popular fabric, because the plush is relatively fine and dense, the fabric is thick, the cost is high, and the warmth is good, so it is deeply loved by everyone.

The rapid development of the petroleum industry has provided richer and cheaper raw materials for the production of polyester fibers. Also, in recent years, the development of chemical, mechanical, electronic automatic control technology, and other technologies has gradually realized short-range processes in the production of raw materials, fiber-forming, and processing. , Continuity, automation, and high-speed, polyester fiber has become the fastest-growing synthetic fiber variety with the highest output.

The flannel has a simple and elegant color, which can be divided into light gray, medium gray, and dark gray. It is suitable for making spring and autumn men's and women's tops and trousers. Flannel is also suitable for making trousers, tops, children's clothing, etc., and thin ones can also be used as fabrics for shirts and skirts.

Both of these fabrics are very good home textile fabric because of their characteristics, and they are very good for making quilts, blankets, or mattresses.