RuneScape - I agree with you about the limits

If agility shortcuts were defined so that RuneScape gold they were not tied to specific locations but instead were specific actions (e.g. This would be more rational to be reinterpreted to make them not tied to particular locations, but instead to specific activities (e.g. Level 50, learn the skills to climb any and every cliff, level 80 to learn to climb ice with two pickaxes).

Yes, I'm not happy with what they've done with the two bands, Burthorpe and Taverly. There's no difference between the two currently, and it's too crowded without the feeling of settlement. While I'd love to see a plaza with some items, such as a Burthorpe market and a church, or a cathedral, if it was a city ...),, we need more space between Taverly and Burthorpe.

I don’t like seeing all the Taverly trolls. I don't enjoy how ridiculous they have made it all, nor how low-levelled their trolls appear to be. Burthorpe should feel like a gritty town that is a military base protecting the principality's lands against the Trolls. It's not as militant now, and it doesn't feel like a place or city prior to the upgrade.

I agree with you about the limits. Jagex makes the transition to desert a bit easier. It was an interesting experience at first when I started. It would be wonderful to have more rivers, and other canoes to use in the transport system. If we made the map bigger, it'd be beneficial. Karamja is in need of an update. It appears to be a square south of Brimhaven, which is not realistic. Legends Quest was a game I had never done, but it looks like the Kharazi jungle can be explored from north to south in just 10 seconds.

This summer, I was required to read a book about England in the middle ages (around 1150). The characters were required to walk for several days to travel from one place to the next. This time was spent wandering through the forest, which was constantly under attack from bandits and buy old school runescape gold other criminals.