Dealing with guilt feeling

There are so many things around us that make us feel guilty at some point or the other. Things, like shopping for ourselves, eating, requesting medical records after switching doctors and saying no to someone, can cause a feeling of guilt within us. It is a state of mind to which one is easily susceptible and can ruin the way you enjoy life. So, it is important that you get over the feeling of guilt and look towards happiness.



Parents and teachers over generations have set rules, which if not followed make you feel low and guilty about yourself. It is therefore important that you liberate your thinking. Being sensible would help you get over the guilt feeling and make you feel all happy about yourself.


It is important to learn from your mistakes and stop judging yourself in every situation. You should take control of your life and rejoice your talents and past success. You must have your personal space in the house. Pampering yourself with stuff that you like and having friends around who gives you a better perspective of your guilt feeling would also hold you in good stead.


You would find a vast difference in everything around you once you start paying attention to these little things. You may also choose an animal that symbolizes you or find a color that you think would make you feel cheerful to do away with the feeling of guilt. Another way to get rid of this feeling is by having logical dialogues with yourself as you can reason this feeling away very easily.