Scope Of Use Of Copper Acetate Manufacturers Products

  1. It provides indispensable trace elements for drip irrigation, hydroponic solutions, liquid fertilizers and soilless cultivation growth media, and improves the ability of plants to resist diseases and insect pests.
  2. Copper Acetate Manufacturers introduced that such products are suitable for fertilization and foliar spraying of flowers, fruit trees, fields, and horticultural crops.
  3. Supplement iron trace elements in different soils.
  4. Used in photosensitive materials, bleaching agent and complexing agent in rubber industry, etc.
  5. Application range: Used as a decolorizing agent in photography technology.
  6. Used as an additive in the food industry
  7. Used as trace elements in agriculture
  8. Used as a catalyst in industry
  9. Agricultural
  10. Complexing agent

Basic Copper Chloride is a kind of foliar fertilizer. The high-quality, high-strength biologically active chelated iron is hundreds of times more effective than ferrous sulfate. It has high stability, fully water-soluble, fast dissolving, rapid absorption and utilization, and large yield increase. Greatly improve the superiority of product quality. Chelated iron is known as "the nemesis of plant iron-deficiency yellow leaf disease". It can prevent and cure crop symptoms such as "yellow leaf disease", "white leaf disease", "top dryness", and "tip dryness" caused by iron deficiency in crops. Greatly increase the fruit setting rate, the weight of a single fruit and the sugar content of the product, and the yield can be increased by 15%-50%.