The apogee of training is the defense of the thesis. This is a landmark milestone, beyond which the status of a master or specialist, professional activity or transition to a more serious level of scientific work can be seen on the horizon. However, such prospects will become a reality only if a good final qualifying work is ready. How do I write it? Let's talk in this article.

What is thesis?

A thesis is a final qualifying work in the form of a written scientific research on a topic directly related to the student's specialty. This is a generalized concept. It covers both the FQP of bachelor's graduates and master's degree projects and works.

In addition to the global goal - to receive confirmation of graduation, theses have more mundane tasks:

  • demonstrate the level of knowledge and preparation of the student;
  • show that the degree of acquired knowledge corresponds to national standards for a specific specialty;
  • unleash the potential of the author;
  • confirm the fairness, honesty and deservedness of receiving a diploma;
  • to consolidate the gained experience and knowledge.

Theses and projects are often identified. This is not entirely correct. Papers are mainly written by students of social, natural science, humanitarian faculties. Projects are mostly the lot of “techies. They have more dry, accurate material with calculations and formulas.

However, there is an exception to every rule. If a student of a technical university or applied specialty writes a research that is more fundamental and more academic in nature, it may well be a thesis. And vice versa, representatives of humanitarian areas can prepare full-fledged projects with clear algorithms, statistical survey data, relying on a progressive methodology of data processing.

A win-win title for almost any thesis begins with the phrase "Contemporary Problems." For example, "Modern problems of personnel management", "Modern problems of the budget system", "Modern problems of bringing minors to criminal responsibility"

Stages of writing a thesis or project

There is a specific sequence that is universally suitable for writing a thesis on any topic. If you have no idea where to start, use this algorithm as your guide.

  1. Attachment to the supervisor.

This person is very important. An undesirable option is complete indifference. So you can neither clarify, nor ask, nor consult. Strongly busy academics from the series of "luminaries of world science" will also not be able to devote time, because they will be constantly busy on the road. So, the golden mean is our everything.

2. Choice of theme.

There is no more crucial stage. As you name the ship, so it will float. Well, you get the idea. The main thing with the theme is not to miscalculate and not to be too clever. It is worth focusing on your own preferences and directions, which "come" personally to the student.

Moreover, if the diploma is written on the basis of the data of some enterprise, it is important to assess the basic needs of this subject. Of course, you need to listen to the advice of the supervisor and pay attention to the proposals and recommended topics of the department.

3. Approval of the topic from the supervisor and receipt of the assignment.

It makes no sense to start a thesis until the approval of the curator is received. He also formulates the first list of tasks and will help navigate where to go next and what to do. It often happens that there is no one to peep an example of work, because the task is new and unique in its essence. But at essay, the assistant is always ready for sudden, new and difficult challenges. Therefore, we recommend in this case to contact us

4. Drawing up a work schedule.

This stage is important from the point of view of planning and competent distribution of time. To be in time for everything, you need a schedule with approximate dates for when and which step should be completed. The plan can be adjusted in the future as it is written. But he is always approved by the supervisor.

5. Selection of literature.

The significance of this stage can hardly be overestimated. The speed and success of writing a diploma depends on how well and fully the sources are selected and analyzed. The more carefully the student approaches the selection of literature, the easier it will be to formulate the material.

The versatility and maximum coverage of all types of sources is important. Moreover, they should be no older than 3-4 years. The exception is literature with fundamental theoretical positions, historical aspects and that which is not distorted over time. The wider the coverage, the better. It is worth paying attention to contemporary publications on the topic, especially in international indexed publications.

6. Direct writing of the thesis . 

The chapters are formed based on the implementation of the tasks. Each of them has a separate chapter or a whole section. The thesis should have a structure, including an introduction and conclusion, a bibliography. All this is very difficult for an untrained student. Especially if it misses the deadline. Therefore, we will always be happy to help him with coursework as well as any other assignments

7. Registration of the thesis.

For this purpose, guidelines and manuals are being developed, and national standards are being approved. For example, for the design of a bibliographic list, one should adhere to the official design rules.

8. Preparation of the report for the defense.

A maximum of 10-15 minutes is allotted for a speech for the defense of the diploma. It is necessary to keep within and not just scold the text like from a machine gun, but to contain the whole point, reach out to the audience and not let her fall asleep. It is important to rehearse your speech, apply emotional color, and try to anticipate questions by answering them in advance. A good presentation and distribution of visual material will allow you to achieve the effect.

The final, tenth step of the algorithm is protection . It will run flawlessly if all the preceding steps are followed responsibly.   

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