Still another alleged victim explained when she had

Still another alleged victim explained when she had to sit next to Jean-Bart at the back of an auto. "During the excursion, Mr Jean-Bart kept touching me," she explained. "And I always pushed away him to leave me alone. From that day on FIFA Coins, every time he sees me on the court he never ceases telling me that I will never progress to the middle and he will never lift a finger in my favour to aid me in anything" The Fifpro report alleged that there was"sufficient evidence" to suggest the center"was used as enticement for small football players coming from poor backgrounds that were dressed and endangered to sexual abuse".Fifa's three-person panel was of this view that the allegations of sexual abuse"appear to function as cooperate/cartel organisation".

Jean-Bart has always protested his innocence and last month reiterated in a Daily Mail meeting his strategy to take his case into the court of arbitration for sport. He argued in his closing oral statement to the board that"in Haiti there's not any'tradition of rape' or of sexual abuse".

"In summary, the panel believes that the last report ready by the investigatory chamber relies on solid evidence, gathered from distinct sources... also as reputed media outlets [these ] as the Guardian and the New York Times. In the perspective of the panel, after examining such signs, as well as the situation expressed by Mr Jean-Bart, it is highly implausible, and even impossible, that such a varied group of individuals and entities, from all over the world, may be included, let alone layout, an extremely intricate and detailed storyline, by offering extensive, congruent and consistent testimony, at various levels and times during the analysis conducted by the Fifa ethics committee."

The panel's decision decided that Jean-Bart was engaged in"sexual abuse of female players, such as minors, who were or are living in the middle".

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