Now I understand. I still have to get to 90 Defence

Now I understand. I still have to get to 90 Defence until I can use Malevolent anyway. I guess my question is this: I'm sure this is already answered however, is it likely to OSRS gold be worth it to waste 72m on Torva, or if I wait until 90 defence to only buy Malevolent and also get some Drygores? I would use the Malevolent for bossing and probably a pair of Bandos for additional melee matters. Unless I take the time to get Superior Tetsu. This is a question for the future since I still need to receive my Herblore, Prayer, and Summoning levels up quite a few long way as well.

If I want to clear up anything just let me know. Malevolent turns to dust whereas Torva is repairable. Additionally, it is well rounded and would negate the need for one to utilize Bandos which really isn't very effective, even for mid-level slayer tasks in my personal opinion.

Total the Torva will be lest costly as you'll need to purchase a completely different set of Malevolent quite frequently to keep up with how quickly it'll be degrading. If you plan on strictly bossing, then I would consider a pair of Malevolent, but just keep in mind that it's gonna turn into dust so you're able to make over 17m in the amount of time you spend bossing with it to make it financially viable.

I am a type of old-newbie. I got a brand new computer and had not played in ages.

I'm muddling along - I've remembered the way to cut down trees, start fires, cook/eat food to recover health, etc.. I've figured out some of the items, but don't understand how to use spells, even though perhaps I'm not high enough level to have them (Level 17). I've taken about the"Shadow over Arsdale" quest and have gotten through to the big critter that kills you instantly in the event that you see it. I browse the walk through and understand that I need to get some sort of ranged attack, but forgot that I'm out of arrows - and buy RuneScape gold I can't recall how to journey place-to-place to get to the Grand Exchange. I'm kind of'based' from Taverly - is there somewhere here I will purchase arrows?