Is that a gimmick by Jagex to get people interested

Is that a gimmick by Jagex to get people interested

Over the past week, I have noticed the RS gold slow growth of stray clockwork cats everywhere. I saw you running around the wildy a few days ago amongst all the PvPers. I figured it was only somebody's follower, even though it was running loose and not following anyone (I tried to grab it imagining it did not belong to anybody, it the match said,"That's none .") . There was about 4 or 5 of them running free across the GE. Other places, too.

Has anybody else noticed this? Is that a gimmick by Jagex to get people interested in crafting (or just buy their own clockwork cat)? Or should you die with a clockwork cat after you, does your own clockwork cat become a"stray cat" wandering around in that location for some time instead of just disappearing the way most dropped things do (but how often do people die within the GE)? (As an aside, have you discovered if you have a real cat following you, it'll get into fights with stray dogs that you pass, lol?) I don't have any idea how it's now. According to mod rathe: Summoning has largely been put to one side for the time being, as we feel it requires an entire Evolution of Summoning update to itself to do it justice.

As for herblore, Mod Pi: With reguards[sic] to herblore and prayer, the current in game bonus'[sic] the top tiers offer you push the player so far over their grade that it had been creating balancing supervisors to become challenging difficult[sic]. If you balanced to get a player without these boosts, anyone with turm + ovl could locate the struggle a walk at the park. If you balanced for a player with those boosts then you made them a requirement. This was far from ideal as the fans that astrology and potions provide you need to be regarded as a boost along side[sic] that which you had rather than as vital as having the ideal weapon in game.

Together with their current strengths though, turmoil is capable of giving you the same boost as the difference between barrows and nex gear/choatics[sic] and overloads are capable of giving you the same increase as the difference between godwars equipment and nex gear/chaotics. So they're far from tiny boosts.

I can comprehend that compared to buy OSRS gold this current values these look like huge nerfs but the inherent problem is actually that turm/ovl is too powerful currently and has been left in that condition for too long. It appears to me that when the cb update launches summoning won't be as easy as herblore, but after the summoning rework it should become a whole lot better.


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