You'll get 3011 prayer xp if you bury all the bones.

Mage ought to be achieved with the very best spell on lessers until you are able to low alch, then large alch. 20 to 30 on melee can be accomplished by monks. 30 to RuneScape gold 40 could be done on fleshies. 10 to 20 ranged can be carried out with the goblin place I showed you. Next 20 to 30 can be performed on monks or minotaurs. 30 to 40 at the jail guards place I showed you. 40-50 can be performed at fleshies. Also, when you get 30, you are able to do hill giants. If you sell all of the bones, you can make 252k (30-50)

You'll get 3011 prayer xp if you bury all the bones. You get a 350k trade limit up to now. The rest of the questions are kinda pointless. Do I have a 350K limitation or does everyone have? Is it just the new people? Are monks really that good? Can they give decent xp? Monks give un endless health (they heal you),but really should not be training on them following 30ish. Thanks... but do you mind answering the other questions? I put alot of time into them... I wish someone would answer them. They're actually very dumb questions and they do not even help you or reply anything related.

With the 3rd, it isnt likely to receive 99 Magic or Ranged? Idk, all of these seem so limiting, personally Id probably go with 20 str 99 assault, but you cant do much with that except you can use a rapier rather than a team, staffs arent extremely powerful.

Utilize the leaf blade sword as the main weapon. If you are going to be a part, at least get 99 Summoning. What I really don't understand is restricting yourself to just 100 battle. If you want it to be a nice amount, proceed for 111, or 121, or 131. This way you can actually get some good levels.

. No School! I'll be on RS for a total of OSRS Gold For Sale 7 hours this weekend! Dung qusetions. Can somebody tell me all the courses. Forzen is like 1-10? Then what? How much xp can I get in 7 hours if I solo dung. 12 dung up to now. Tcmp and others told me to perform C1 which gets me enjoy 55xp/dung. Ansak told me to perform C6 that got me about 650xp both times.