What is snapper fidget toy?

Snapper Fidget Toy is a toy that squeezes, snaps, and pops! Each Snapper is made of soft-feeling silicone rubber, and is now in many colorful styles.

  1. The Snapper Fidget Toy is a stress reliever

The Snapper is a small toy that you can fidget with in your hands. It’s a great stress reliever and can help you take your mind off of your worries. It’s also a fun toy to play with when you’re bored or need a distraction. The fidgeting craze of 2020 hit all of us hard. We were hit with lockdowns, protests, bans, and endless chaos at the hands of unelected officials (despite the fact that 93% of Americans voted for them). This made us all want to take care of ourselves, even if it meant creating another electronic thing.

This desire to keep ourselves busy and mentally stimulated is a craving that’s been in us since the beginning of time. It’s been seen in our closest relationships, in self-help books, in movies, commercials, and on TV. Today, it’s everywhere.

So how did something as seemingly simple as fidget and play become a global trend?

It all starts with KCIV Innovations. The Korean company, which had been producing highly efficient rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for phones, recently launched the Snapper rechargeable toy to bring a smile to your face.

On December 16, they started accepting preorders for the Snapper fidget toy. Fortunately, things didn’t go too badly for them, with preorders opening at 9AM KST — just in time for the global holiday season. It was also the first time the company sold in mainland China as well. Instead of judging from the number of orders, I think what makes it different from other fidget toys out there is that it’s made for people’s hands.

You can’t say “I’m bored” unless you’ve done it. It’s a challenge when you want to do something. It’s hard to do that when you’re busy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The Snapper can help take your precious time by allowing you to play while you’re at it. No more balancing on the fridge while your son is setting the table for dinner.

  1. How the Snapper Fidget Toy relieves stress

The Snapper is a great fidget toy to relieve stress. It helps you focus and concentrate on what you’re doing and can even help you to think more clearly. It’s a simple little toy, but it will make a big difference to your day.

The head of Snapper says folding the Snapper in half makes it more powerful, a line I can totally buy. Folding is definitely an effective method for zipping through your day. It can help you stay on task, focus, and get stuff done.

However, it’s the ‘Other Function’ button on the back that’s having people’s DFVs spiking. For some, it conjures memories of Atari’s Pong and the fear-of-vaporizing Crayolas of yesteryear. For others, the feature is a lot of fun and earns high praise from their young kids.

Whatever your feelings on the Other Function Button, there’s something about the idea of a tool that can take out stress that appeals to our human nature.

The product came out of inventor Majdi Fathi’s garage in Australia in May 2020. After proving his concept and having consumers immediately back the product, Fathi sold the first production run to a Canadian company for $171.27 AUD roughly.

Within a month, orders for the toy started flooding in, and sales really took off in the following weeks. It wasn’t hard to see that as the first product from its inception, the sales were huge. Right from the start, the company’s response to concerned consumers was to add more reliable function to their product.

So far, Snapper Fidget has already amassed 542,000 shipped units. However, it hasn’t actually hit the market yet and likely won’t until early 2021.

Assuming the first batch sells out quickly (which it most certainly will), it will be competing with countless other retirement products and already available inventions. Some of the best-selling inventions that have hit the market nearly a year ago include the Segway, Yoga Mat, Osmo and Cirque du Soleil’s Kitty Walk (allowing us to twist and sit on our butts).

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