Dangers of White Tail Spider in the Garden

Whitetail spiders have been affecting many people in Melbourne, and most of these people resulted in hospital admissions. This species of spider is a native of Melbourne and is also a predator of other spiders. These are different from other spiders as they do not weave a web to catch their prey but rather seek out and stalk them down. The sting of white tail spiders produces venom and paralyses their prey, including humans. Their bites can cause severe illnesses and reactions. For this reason, it is essential to have complete termite control for the effective eradication of these pests.  

White tail spider treatment is active hunters and is generally found inside the houses in urban dwellings. Usually grey or brown, these spiders are rather sleek-looking and about one to two centimetres in length. They have a creamy white tip of the tail. Males have additional white markings. The preferred habitats for these spiders include dry barks, plants, and darker house interiors such as roof voids. They also like to hide inside the shoes and clothing.  

To get rid of these pests, there are several steps you can take. One way is to treat the area with synthetic parathyroid insecticide. These are available in both concentrates as well as sprays. To eradicate them from roof voids, spraying the roof with residual insecticides. Alternatively, a bug bomb fumigator can be used to access some of the more complex areas. Finally, all interior areas where the whitetail spiders have been spotted should be sprayed thoroughly.  

Common areas include ceiling corners, in and around door and window frames, skirting, under and behind furniture and cupboards. For exteriors, spray on the eaves, downpipes, washing lines and decks. Once a thorough treatment is done, it will last for the entire season. If, however, there are high UV levels or heavy rainfall, the treatment might need to be repeated. In addition, wherever white tail spiders are spotted, they should be removed immediately. Another important measure is to remove all spider webs from the house on which the whitetail spiders breed.  

Bottom Line  

Removal of white tail spiders from the interiors and exteriors of the house can be an uphill task if complete eradication is to take place. However, pest inspections companies have all the effective and safe treatment measures for white tail spider removal. These pet-friendly treatments are available for both commercial and domestic pest control.