So you think that you have put diesel in petrol car, what does this mean for your car? the great news is that putting diesel during a petrol engine shouldn't cause any future and expensive damage to your car, albeit you've got driven the car with an outsized amount of the incorrect fuel within the tank. Putting diesel during a petrol car isn't especially common because the diesel nozzle is usually bigger than the petrol nozzle.

If you've got any of those symptoms listed and think you'll have put diesel during petrol, STOP DRIVING when it's safe to try to do so and cut your engine. this may avoid any longer contamination to your engine with the diesel residue.

 Unlike diesel, which has got to be compressed to ignite, petrol is ignited by a spark generated by the spark plugs. If the car is started the diesel will clog the spark plugs and equipment, causing the vehicle to misfire, smoke, and possibly stop running. After the contaminated fuel has been flushed from the system, the bike or car should start fairly quickly. you'll initially see smoke whilst the diesel residue is burnt off, after this the vehicle should run as before the incident.

 What Happens If you set Diesel during a Gas Engine?

 For those that put the incorrect gas during a car, try to not stress. Remember, you’re not the sole one that has made this error. You won’t be the last person to form this error also.

 If you set diesel during an internal-combustion engine, your car won’t run because gas-powered cars are incapable of combusting diesel. At now, you’ll get to have your vehicle towed to an auto fix-it shop or your home. Then, you’ll get to have your car’s equipment drained.

 The process of emptying your gasoline tank is often time-consuming, and it should be performed by automotive professionals. they will properly remove the diesel from your car’s equipment, also as inspect the fuel lines, fuel rail, and fuel injectors for any damage. additionally, gasoline is very flammable and may be hazardous to breathe, so a fuel drain should be performed safely and during a ventilated area.

 How to avoid putting the incorrect fuel in your car?

An alternative is by fitting a diesel oil cap to your fuel neck. this cover stops petrol nozzles from fitting into fuel tanks they’re not meant for.

 These caps are designed to suit specific makes and models, so take care you select the proper one. counting on your model, they have a tendency to cost between £15 and £30.