Best Colored Contacts for Dark Brown Eyes in 2021

Best Colored Contacts for Dark Brown Eyes in 2021

If you’re wondering whether you can benefit from using brown contact lenses, the short answer is Yes. However, you will need to select lenses with higher opaqueness to allow the color to be visible through your iris. On the other hand, lenses with less opacity will provide a look more like your natural eye color.To get more news about Red Contacts, you can visit official website.

Using colored contact lenses enables you to have the eye color of your choice, which is the most significant benefit for many people. Over half of all people have brown eyes, so it is reassuring that most colored contact lenses are designed to suit brown eyes.However, you must bear in mind that not every shade of contact lens will suit your eyes’ natural color. For instance, merely choosing a pair of violet-colored lenses doesn’t mean you’ll get dark and sultry-looking eyes.

Hopefully, the following guide will help you stay on track when choosing your contact lenses’ type and color.Similar to choosing your perfect lipstick, clothing, or accessories, selecting your ideal eye color is crucial to achieving the perfect look. Your perfect eye color will depend on a couple of things; your natural eye color and contact lenses’ opacity.To get more news about Yellow Contacts, you can visit official website.

Your contact lens selection is relatively straightforward if you have light-colored eyes, as your irises will not have the same mottled effect as dark ones. For a more subtle look, but one that still flatters, using enhancement contacts will give you a muted boost of color.To get more news about Black Contacts, you can visit official website.

Indeed, enhancing contacts allow you to create depth and definition for lighter irises. However, if you want to create a dark-brown shade, you will need the thicker limbal rings of circular lenses. That’s because most darker brown contact lenses have more pigment on the lens’s border. Therefore, the middles are relatively translucent, and in some cases, they are transparent.
So long as your blue contact lenses are sufficiently vibrant, they will work with your brown eyes. But, of course, the shade of blue you can achieve comes down to the shade used and the lens. At Coleyes, we offer you a range of color vibrancy that’s second to none, and you can browse our range to get your ideal color match.

Using a gray contact lens with your brown eyes will allow you to achieve a more subtle enhancement. In addition, gray is a safe choice as it tends to look good regardless of the shade of brown your eyes are. Moreover, gray matches pretty much every type of hair color and skin tone.

Due to the popularity of gray contact lenses, they come in a wide range of options. For instance, you can choose the opacity type, including tinted, transparent, or opaque. Also, there is a range of gray tonalities, with two, three, and four tone options. In addition, gray contact lenses are available in daily, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly models.

With so much choice, it can be challenging to decide what is best for your brown eyes. Our general advice is to opt for a mid to high-opacity lens with at least three tones.


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