40+ Interesting & Best Essay Topics For Your Assignment

New essay ideas can be challenging to come up with. While composing an essay, many college and high school students get numb and face writer’s block. They have a hard time thinking beyond the box. If you wonder who can “write my essay”, you must hire a professional essay writing agency to get the best result. Here, we have enlisted our good essay topics from different categories. 

Topics on exploratory essay:

  • Write a short essay on your first day at school. 
  • Write down about your favourite destination for holiday
  • How was your first work experience? 
  • Explain how growing up with elder siblings and how does it affect your personality?
  • Write a philosophy essay describing your favourite pet and how you can take care of it.
  • Do you believe in true friendship? 
  • Describe your favourite hobby
  • How does your favourite teacher influence you to become a better person
  • Describe your first teacher 
  • What is your famous school subject and why?
  • Are you a bibliophile? What is more essential for you to watching movies or reading a book?
  • The existence of aliens. 
  • What is the role of imagination in our life?
  • How can you measure happiness? 
  • Consequences of being working while in high school.
  • The positive effects of the music 
  • What are the side effects of the Internet? 
  • How can humans save this world, or is it too late now?
  • List of things to make people happy. 
  • Have you ever faced financial problems? 
  • What are the benefits of using social media?   
  • What book would you like to read again and again, and why?
  • Have you ever faced bullying in school?
  • Do you feel difficult to express yourself?

Analytical essay topics:

  • Analyze one of the central climax or main events of any literature or drama.   
  • Analyze the significant character of your favourite book.  
  • What is the psychology behind cheating on their partners? 
  • Describe the way psychological thriller movies and shows influence crime psychology 
  • What is the psychology behind taking drugs during sports?
  • The significance of street art and graffiti all over the world. 
  • Why do some people prefer instrumental music rather than songs?
  • The causes of gambling 
  • State various states of people and their phobias
  • College and school education should be free- agree on this and why?
  • What increases cyberbullying among adults?
  • Why do some teenagers run away from their families?
  • The psychological reasons behind insomnia 
  • Analysis of the effect of gaming on young people

Wrapping up! 

college homework help for students need a certain level of creativity and imagination. Therefore, one must read many captions, taglines and ideas via internet or offline advertisements source. Hope this long list will help you to find out some ideas.   

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