Reasonable Work Of Open Type Rotary Screen Printer

1, Open Type Rotary Screen Printer workbench
The worktable is used to fix the table top of the printed piece. A reasonable worktable should be adjustable from front to back, from left to right, so that the printing position can be adjusted during printing. A circular object support is installed when printing cylindrical objects on the worktable, a flat printed object support is installed when printing flat or arc-shaped workpieces, and a flat plate is installed when printing planes.
2. Screen printing system
It is the place where the screen plate and ink are clamped. The screen plate system in flat screen printing only moves up and down, not left and right. However, in curved screen printing machines, the screen plate system reciprocates left and right, and most of them do not move up and down.
3. Scraper system
It is a device for installing glue scraping and ink coating plates. The squeegee system finishes the coating and printing of ink on the surface of the screen plate. The squeegee system has the difference of left and right actions except that the squeegee clamp and the ink coating plate have exactly opposite actions from top to bottom. The squeegee system in a plane screen printer can reciprocate left and right, while it is in a stationary state in a curved screen printer.
4. Control System
The control system is used to orderly arrange the above mechanical actions to automate the printing process. The current Hot Air Stenter basically realizes microcomputer control and has relatively stable and reliable performance.  The keys of the control panel are divided into two functions: trial operation and automatic operation. The former is used for adjusting the machine while the latter is used for production.