FIFA 22: Players can hire players from Hajduk Split in Career Mode

Croatian club announced a good news on September 9, 2021, that it will appear in EA Sports' FIFA 22, so players can choose Hajduk Split to play.

Hajduk Split announced on its official website on September 8 that it will become the official authorized team of FIFA 22. This news surprised players, not only because Hajduk itself wanted to be added to the game, but also because of the lack of FUT 22 Coins representation of Croatian football in the game.

According to the last time the Croatian national team appeared in EA Sports in 2012, the growth and evolution of the team has also been influenced by players in international and local competitions in the past ten years. Therefore, it is accompanied by the Croatian First Division has never appeared in the FIFA series of games.

In terms of European football, EA Sports games have officially authorized major leagues in continental Europe, such as Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and other leagues. It also includes European leagues, such as Ireland, Scotland and Turkey. In addition, there are some unlicensed leagues in other parts of the world, such as CSKA Moscow, Olympiacos and Viktoria Plzen, as well as Dinamo Kyiv. Dinamo Zagreb is the only Croatian team to appear in the game, and it has always been a qualified team in other parts of the world. EA Sports video games have also been officially authorized by UEFA for major international events, such as the recently established Conference League, the Champions League, and the Europa League. Therefore, Dinamo Zagreb can guarantee its effectiveness in the competition by participating in at least one of the competitions.

Becoming a FIFA authorized team also means that they will have real uniforms and sponsors, as well as the team and the name of the team. Although these have not yet been officially confirmed, Stadion Poljud or the official faces of the players may not appear in the game. This is because the technology that replicates stadiums and player faces is generally only used for clubs in the main authorized leagues.

However, players can join Hajduk Split, hire Hajduk players in professional mode, and manage and train the club by signing and training the most promising players. Players may be Buy FUT 22 Coins able to hire a star from Hajduk Split who may become their FC Barcelona or Manchester United. However, it should be noted that only licensed league clubs can be used in this model.

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