Importance of Mold Inspection | Raleigh

It is natural for mold to gather and grow.  However, if the conditions are correct, the mold can gather into larger masses and pose a risk for your home or business. Mold is the name given for many sorts of fungi, which are unpleasant and unwanted patches of black, brown, green and fuzzy growths. Mold has many meanings, most of which are quite nasty. Total House Inspection, your Mold Inspection Raleigh, offers signs that you might have a mold problem.

Mold and spores are in all places, literally. But active mold needs moisture. Whether on a visible surface or hiding somewhere in your bathroom or kitchen, indoor mold grows in the existence of water.

Mold can develop in homes, businesses and schools. It should be removed for the sake of structural integrity, quality of life and human health. Mold isn’t always stress-free to see or easy to find.

Visible Mold

Apparently, if you see mold, then you have mold in your home. But be alert that if you have visible mold, there is also a chance that you have mold that cannot be seen. 

Health Problems

Indoor mold can start disturbing the health of the people in the home. If you or any of your family people have watery eyes, a runny nose, headaches or respiratory issues, it could be because of mold.

Strange Smells

If your home smells mildewed, it could be due to mold. The worse the smell, the more likely that mold is the offender.

Squishy Floors

You have every right to be worried about a soft spot in your hardwood base; it could be due to mold. If you can access the subfloor through a basement or creep space, you need to check for moisture.

If that isn’t promising, you need to call and have it checked out. If there is moisture and mold, that progress will spread. If the wood is decomposed, the whole flooring will need to be changed. If there is only a small amount of mold, it can be cleaned up.

Leaky Planters

A leaky planter that is positioned in or close to your house can lead to mold concerns. The water that leaks out of a planter could discover its way into your home and cause mold growth in the lining or drywall.

So it makes sense to check out all of your planters and safeguard they don’t leak.


If your home has experienced any flooding earlier, there is a chance you have some mold progress as a result. There may have remained flooding at some point before you bought the home, which is why a Mold Inspection Raleigh before you move in is always a good move.

Mold in your home can be severely damaging to your home and your health. If you think you might have mold in your home, call Mold Experts of Raleigh today.